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Friday, January 18, 2008

Assignment #5 Miles

1)For me, I felt that writing a personal essay was one of the most challenging and interesting things I’ve done this year. It was challenging in the fact you had to find a story in your life and put a theme to that story without just saying it. I found doing that extremely hard so I had to find my own way to "Get Her Done". I enjoyed the fact that it was telling a real life story in short story format. I can’t name any weakness with the genre. I can only tell you what my weakness are that how they don’t fit the mold of what is need to write a personal essay. It compares to fiction in that if you didn’t know that the story was a true story did reads exactly like fiction. Would I ever voluntarily tackle it again? Only if I had a good story to tell other then that no, I wouldn’t.

2)Learning how to read is like learning how to walk. And once you have learned how to walk, the vast world is open to you and your mobility. Just like when you learn how to read. Without knowing how to read, how much you write? None. Someone can learn how to walk and never run but no one can ever learn how to run without learning how to walk. After learning how to read you now are able to use your “Reading Mobility” to explore the vast literacy world. Now one can learn how to write what they feel others should read.

What is your favorite piece that you've written? Talk about why it's your favorite piece.

My favorite piece of the year has to be “Did I every Say Thank You” I had a lot of fun writing it and it was the most creative thing I personally think I’ve written this year. I like it because of how it was told. Having the End of the story is the beginning and the end explains the beginning was to “Sweet.” Also the use of foreshadow was fun.

4. Quiz
Coke or Pepsi: None (Coke)
Li'l Wayne or Little Debbie: Lil’ Wayne
McDonald's or Arby's: McDonald’s a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Times over
Chiptole or Taco Bell: Chiptole
American Idol or MTV: MTV
Buffalo Wings or Florida: Florida
New York City or Los Angeles: NYC
Name you like for your future daughter: Ellie or Fayth
Name you like for your future son:
What is or what will be the first country you see outside the continent of North America: Kenya
Disney movie you would be most likely to watch on your 21st birthday: Haha. What ever is playing at the...

5) The fox and the Hound

Monday, January 7, 2008

Assignment #4 Miles

1. One principle what guides my life is Family. I value having strong ties with my family. My family has made the largest impact on my life and I need them in order to make it through each and everyday. Life lessons I’ve learned came from their teachings. With the life lessons they taught me I am able to learn from life experiences without falling into the traps of the world. Without my family I don’t think would be who I am today. Having them around has been a blessing because of how hard life can get.

2. An event that made me think was the Vtech shootings. Just thinking about what could drive someone to that point. That point where you don’t care not only about your life but you decided you have a need in killing other people because of the pain you are in. The human mind and all it emotions interest me. After hearing about the Vtech shooting a sat because and thought about what kind of mind set someone would have to be to take some ones life. I also thought how can a person just get up on day and kill random people that they have never met. It made me sad to think about how much hate is in the world we live in today.

3.I don’t really set goal at the start of the year. The goals I have are life goals to do some thing worth while with my life and hopefully become something hopefully. If you want to honestly pick a goal I have for this yea (2008) is to graduate and head off to college. Not say I’m not going to graduate. Ha, maybe I might not you never know what can happen in life. Another small goal I have is to do well in math, but that has been my goal for a long time not just starting now.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Assignment #3 Miles

After writing my first true play the limitation that I found were finding way to express the characters thoughts and idea through dialogue. Stage directions and the addition of characters in the state directions were hard to write. The pleasant surprises I found was coming up with foreshadow in the dialogue which was pretty fun. Yes, I would be interested in attempting drama writing or anything of its form, screenplays or television scripts. Because once you get past the stage directions everything is wide of to what you want to do. Unlike a story which you have to flow certain restrictions in a play you’re open to writing anything you want. I had a lot of fun writing this play more then any other thing we have done this year.

If I could give a 10 year old advice about growing up I would share personal experiences and what I have seen in the world. I would tell them the world isn’t always going to be the great places to live in and people will always try to push you down. As long as you can stay true to your self, keep believing in the dreams that God has given you, and then nothing can stop you. You are going to have days where you mess up and that’s okay. Take the time to learn from those mistakes and grow to make your self a better person. Never forget you only live once and live it to the fullest without doing dumb things all the time.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Assignment #2 Miles

How important is sugar to make ice cream? Yeah you can make ice cream without the sugar but it will never be as sweet. I great piece of literature is like ice cream with a perfect amount of sugar, milk, and all the other things that go into making the perfect bowl of ice cream. Expressing an idea or Theme, as most people would put it makes the story sweeter. The book the Color of Water by: James McBride if he hadn’t expressed the idea of races and how your skin color doesn’t make you any different from anyone else it wouldn’t have been as good of a book. The stories the where shared were good, but to make them have meaning behind theme adds that sugar to everything making everything just better. But on the other side you never know how much sugar people like in their ice cream. By that I mean some books have ideas and/or theme that don’t work out with what I think the book was trying to say. But all and all every book needs some sugar just to make it a little bit better.

Great literary work that last forever has a theme that never gets old. A theme that is still as relevant in the present as it was when it first came out. People read books that they usually can have some relation to. Those are the books with themes that can never get old or never be fully interpreted. I don’t think I’m a good writer so no I do not foresee anything I write lasting a long time.

I couldn’t even tell you. I can’t answer these types of questions. All I can say is that I will try to make this world a better place then I found it. I don’t know how I’m going to do that but I sure will try. The reason why its important to me to leave this world a better place then I found it is because I was raised to be the best person I could be. I’m that I made a goal for myself to hopefully do something that impacts the world in a positive way. If not the world I pray that I can have an impact on even one person and I’d feel that I’ve accomplished my goal.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Assignment #1 Miles

Something that concerns me in the world we live in today is the fact that people have such little respect for life. I believe as your world continues to evolve that grow you find new and fast ways to kill each other. Even though we have better and fast methods to find out who kill or murdered someone, people still find better and faster ways to kill. Its a sad time in the world when an innocent person loses their life because of the little value for life some people have.

“Louis” my friend has probably one of the most dynamic and lively personalities I know. The reason why “Louis” personality is so dynamic is because it’s always full of life and “Louis” is always up for anything fun and exciting. When you're in a room with “Louis” very rarely will “Louis” not be the life of the room. “Louis” personality just cares this presence that just makes you feel good and happy to be around.

I don’t have one specific piece of art that was greatly inspired me. So many different things have lead to the inspiration of other things. That naming one would be an injustice to the other thing that inspired me to be inspired by that specific piece of writing. But I’ll tell you though about a book that I read last year called The Color of Water by: James McBride. This book taught me a lot about self worth, dreams, and the meaning of have a true family. I also learned about how people think that they are so different but we are acutely a lot like in our dream and aspirations. I feel that the world has so much potential to be a great place for people to live. But the growing lack of love for one another is leading us to a point where mankind will destroy and kill everything. I dream that some day that people will see each other as the color of water. Because water has no color we can finally be at peace with one another. Maybe some day that aspiration with come true and maybe it’s a better thing that it doesn’t I really don’t know. I wondered about how we can achieve self worth if we have nothing to compare ourselves to. I enjoyed how James McBride mixed all these ideas in The Color of Water.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Assignment 7

In this quick 1st quarter of Creative Writing I have enjoyed the short stories section. I also enjoyed doing the poetry section but I don’t feel that I’m a good poem writer. The reason why I enjoyed the short stories more then the rest was because I find it quite fun to write stories. Poems are too short to get a point a cross in an interesting manner. Don’t get me wrong Poems were also a lot of fun.

The strongest piece of writing written by: eZy himSelf would have to be the story named Did I Every Say Thank You? The reason why I think that this was my strongest piece of writing is because of the point of view it was written. Writing the beginning of the story is the end of the story and the end of is a continuation of the start. So it’s pretty much written in a manner that isn’t used often by most people.

Honestly I’ve only learned on thing about my self this quarter. The thing I learned about myself was that I’m not bad at writing poems. I was not looking forward to the long poem section because from my past experiences I didn’t do well in poetry. I would consider myself self-driven and I don’t need people to push me to get something done. I hate having structure when it comes to creative writing. It’s creative writing, the writer should be able to take the story in any direction they want.

Honestly anything. I’m extremely opened minded to do anything. Plays would be a something I would be looking forward to. After reading the book Monster I’ve been interested in writing a play that didn’t have structure. And I could take it any where I wanted to.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Assignment 6: Fear Questions

Fear Questions:1. Do you like to be scared? Why or why not? In what settings are you okay with being frightened?

· Ha, if anyone can find someone in planet Earth that likes begin scared then I would be pretty amazed. To answer the question do I like to be scared the answer is No I sure do not like begin scared. Because the feeling you get isn’t a pleasant feeling at all. I enjoy going to scare movies just to be scared and get that adrenaline rush. Another place I enjoy begin scared are haunted house rides and amusement parks.

2. What scares you? Are there things you fear? Are there things in our world you consider horrific? These do not have to be about ghosts or monsters. (One of Stephen King's bestselling horror novels was about a dog.) Perhaps you are afraid to ski or afraid of snakes. Maybe you hate being alone in your house at night. Maybe you are afraid of big cities. Where do your fears come from? Are you more scared by blood and guts terror or by subtle the possibility of something horrible happening?

· Not having full control or understanding over a situation where i know that i should be able to change or stop the feeling I’m getting. By that I mean like getting lost where you don’t know where to go and don’t have an understanding of the situation or make it stop when you want. A lot of things also scare me the common things that scare many people. I fear losing my brother or sister in a public place and never finding them. There are so many thing in this world that I can consider horrific maybe its because i don’t understand the entire situation. Right now i think its pretty horrific what’s happening to the child in Iraq where they have to live in fear every day wondering weather today might be the day that they are killed. I couldn’t imagine that feeling where every morning you wonder weather your even going to make it to school and back. Or weather your parents are going to be home later. Living in the fear of death has to be one of the most horrific things happening in this world. Many of our fears come from not understanding what is truly happening or having a previous perception of something that was completely wrong so you live in fear of it until you final understand what it that you fear.
3. What, in your opinion, is a good definition for madness? What would a person have to do to be considered "mad" by you?

· Eric M. Wangongu’s Definition of madness: A point of insanity that has gone past just begin mad. People reach madness when they finally snap over from being mad.
· A mad person is a person who has just lost it. Common sense isn’t common for them anymore. The things they do just don’t connect with the things you would expect out of the normal person. People who just do crazy things that make people question what they might be thinking. Not normal kind of crazy like someone jumping into a frozen lake without clothing, but that other kind of crazy they kind of crazy that you find in an insane asylum. Those people who shot up schools i.e. that V-Tech shooter was a “mad” man.

4. Poe writes about a man driven to madness. What drives people to madness today in your opinion? How does someone go from seemingly normal to insane (at least temporarily)?

· I really have no idea what drives people do madness its something that is so different for so many people. People just worry about to many things that don’t really matter so they are driven mad by those things. By worrying to much about things they think mean everything when they actually mean nothing.